Date :   3-14-15
Name :   Daniel martinez
Phone number :   720-272-1982
Breed :   Boston terrier
Feedback :   Ragina at puppy love was fantastic and my puppy is the best puppy ever. I give Puppy Love a 110% rating.
Date :   2-13-15
Name :   Mark Campbell
Phone number :   
Breed :   Great Dane
Feedback :   A very precious and sweet little girl arrived in Nevada today. My wife was filled with joy as we picked her up at the airport. Thank you!
Date :   12/24/14
Name :   Jenny
Phone number :   813-381-8774
Breed :   Boston Terrier
Feedback :   
Date :   2014-11-24
Name :   Daniel
Phone number :   314 area code
Breed :   Boston Terrier
Feedback :   Weve had our little Boston for a bit more than a month now. Hes a total sweetie and Regina helped answer all of my questions as well as facilitated getting some more pictures of pup before the day we brought him home. He came from Donna who told me all ab
Date :   Sept 9, 2014
Name :   Steve Fisher
Phone number :   208-339-8474
Breed :   Boston Terrier
Feedback :   Today arrived our beautiful new Boston Terrier Candy. She is healthy and beautiful and appears to be very social. Very pleased with the service of and Regina. Thank you for everything.
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